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House Of Joy Office:

No. 78A, Jalan TK 1 / 1, Taman Kinrara,

Batu 7 Jalan Puchong,

47180 Puchong, Selangor.


Tel: 603-80704497 Fax: 603-80757967


            House of Joy (Children's Home)  







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Warmest Greetings from House of Joy to all Friends, Donors , Well Wishers and Supporters ! 

House of Joy is a privately owned non-profit welfare organisation ,established since  August 1992 .


HOUSE OF JOY  is a social concern and nonprofit charity that administers shelter , care and training for orphans , children & teens who are underprivileged, delinquent and weak, Children who have formerly suffered abuse, neglect, children who are helpless & poor .Besides children’s homes, it also provides shelter and care for  elderly people who have become destitute , mentally illed and weak  and young adults who are mentally weak and slow in learning.


To date(2011) we have 125 residents  ( 55 children/15 slow learners/55 oldfolks/others). Children are aged from babies, 5 years till 18 years and the rest are from 18 years above.


There are 8 residential homes ( Children & Old Folks )  &  5 trainning Centres ( Academy, Home School, TSR Programs )


Locations: Puchong( Tmn Kinrara, Tmn Pak Siong, Tmn Tenaga, Tmn Puchong Mas), Jinjang, Semenyih(JOY GARDEN), Sri Kembangan, Karak, Seremban.


House of  Joy was founded by Rev. Tang Chee Sing and his wife Lee Ching Mun, in August 1992


All supports  and contributions are from Individuals, Churches, Companies and NGO

Monthly Expenses: RM 50,000.00 -  RM 60,000-00


House of joy would like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsors, donors and well wishes for your continual support in many areas of our needs; financial, kind and volunteering works. Because of you, we are able to continue and reaching out to many more who need help.


Funds will be used to support;


1)      Educational Funds

2)      Administrative and Operational Expenses

3)      Training and Career Development ( TSR )



TSR Program   ( Training, Services and Revenue ) .

The objective is to provide opportunity and means for our teens and young adults to acquire knowledge and hands-on-skills in order to equip and empower themselves. The acquire skills can in turn effectively contribute towards their future career and helping home to generate sustainable income and revenue.



 Please contact Lesley Mah ( 019-3392847 )



喜乐之家 是一个社会关怀中心,收容的孩子是来自不同的家庭背景,如被虐待家庭,单亲家庭,边缘少年,被父母遗弃遭冷落,家庭贫苦无能力照顾等背景。事工是帮助孩童青少年继续他们的学业,锻炼心智态度,训练技能或是提供就业机会。现在也开始了智障人士事工,老人事工及戒毒事工。






我们真诚地呼吁您 / 公司 / 机构及社会人士,一起伸出援手在实质上的支持,


如有任何询问,欢迎联络  Lesley Mah( 019-3392847 )                             




Joy To The World Community Services 喜乐满人间社会关怀中心